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Advisory Services to the Brazilian Power Industry

Mr. Pabon led a team of economists advising Independent Power Producers (IPPs) on utility regulation and other energy market issues. The team assessed for the IPPs governmental proposals to segment the generation market, advised on their participation in energy auctions, and designed and implemented commercial strategies. In addition, Mr. Pabon’s team was also retained by [...]

Defense of a Latin American Government in an Electricity Construction Project Dispute

Mr. Pabon worked with a team representing a Latin American government against a company seeking contract reform and compensation related to a transmission line project. The company claimed that economic turmoil had made the project financially infeasible. Mr. Pabon’s team provided critical economic analysis to the Tribunal hearing the case, including insight on economic fundamentals [...]

Structural Power Sector Reform in India

The States of Orissa and Haryana in India undertook a wide reform of their power sector. Mr. Pabon’s team played a key role in the reform effort in that sector with commission for the design and development of the regulatory framework. The team’s specific responsibilities included the analysis of legislation, regulations, licenses and guidelines; the [...]

A Gas Royalty Dispute in Latin America

A company with an integrated energy project that monetizes isolated gas reserves by generating electricity and transmitting it to market claimed that natural gas market changes should trigger royalty formula adjustments. Mr. Pabon’s team represented the respondent in the resulting dispute, conducting economic and commercial analyses of the royalty adjustment clause, and demonstrating that the [...]

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Regulatory and Asset Strategy for an Independent Power Producer

An IPP in the Dominican Republic facing a difficult financial situation needed to identify strategic approaches to address its problems. Mr. Pabon’s team provided a structure for assessing the IPP’s fleet of assets in the country by analyzing the flaws in the regulatory regime, identifying and prioritizing individual remedies, and assembling alternative strategies to optimize [...]

The Latin American Transmission Tariff Dispute

A company claimed that the government had violated a Stability Agreement related to discrimination in the setting process of electricity transmission tariffs. Mr. Pabon and his team represented the government, offering insight on economic fundamentals and demonstrating the fallacy of using regulatory arguments in contracts disputes in unregulated commercial settings. In addition, the team noted [...]

The Middle-East Breach of Contract Dispute

A power plant and associated coal mine project in the Middle East was cancelled after a government organization imposed new terms on the project’s purchased power agreement. The Concessionaire filed a breach-of-contract claim before the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes. Mr. Pabon’s team assisted the Concessionaire in both the jurisdictional liability and [...]

Slovakia Electricity Market Design

The Slovakian regulatory agency –RONI– needed a model for the redesign of the wholesale electricity market, including the design of the market rules and regulation of transmission and generation in the context of privatization. Mr. Pabon co-led the development of the specifications of the price regulation formula for the transmission business and the guiding principles [...]

Tariff Realignment in Brazil

A group of private generators in Brazil were concerned with a set of measures proposed by the government and their business implications. Mr. Pabon’s team analyzed a set of rules related to tariff issues and their impact on the development of new business opportunities for these companies in the large industrial segment market. The project [...]

The Asia Distribution Case Arbitration

An Asian State government argued that a “comfort letter” committed an international investor in a power distribution company to fund power costs owed to an energy supplier. Mr. Pabon worked with a team representing the investor in arbitration proceedings under local arbitration rules. The team analyzed the fundamentals of structural reform of the power sector, [...]

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