International Alternatives and Litigation Support

Economic contract interpretation of concession agreements and assessment of liability and damages in infrastructure projects in cases involving expropriation, breach of contract, market interactions, concession contracts, and many other aspects involving cross-border disputes between private investors or between governments and investors.

Infrastructure Restructuring and Economic Regulation

Design and implementation of policies to foster competition in competitive segments of an infrastructure sector and regulatory reform of natural monopolies. Expertise includes analysis of market rules, consolidation of sector reforms, competition at the wholesale and retail levels, price unbundling, and rate design. Development of regulatory and economic support for pricing policies and procedures for utilities.

Design and Implementation of Regulatory Reforms

Assessment and analysis of the impact on government and public and private organizations of infrastructure liberalization in the context of privatizations or sector reforms.  Design of incentive regulation mechanisms (price caps and X-factor methodologies) to improve sector performance.  Analysis, proposal, and Implementation of regulatory reforms, privatization policies, and public-private partnerships to achieve a sustainable infrastructure sector.

Financial Analysis

Asset and contract valuation in competitive or regulated markets, cost of capital determination, due diligence, and financial modeling.

Investor Support

Economic and financial strategies to achieve growth and improve positioning before government and regulatory authorities. Promotion of private initiatives and of market-oriented proposals for infrastructure sector development that is sustainable, financeable, efficient, and based on environmentally friendly technologies.

Institution Building

Hands-on training for regulatory commission staff on licensing, procurement, standards and codes, tariffs, and consumer issues.  On-site consulting on internal organization and operating procedures of regulatory agencies.

Economic Policy Analysis

Analysis of energy and other infrastructure sector policies and assessment of their impact on governments, customers, and investors.  Development of economic and financial strategies to achieve growth, improve positioning before regulatory authorities, or attract private investment.

Project Experience

IEC also has significant experience leading and participating in projects. Learn more in Additional Project Experience.

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