international investment disputes

A Power Plant Construction Project

Mr. Pabon provided expert testimony in an international arbitration matter involving a power plant construction project. The case centered around a construction delay claim and associated market penalties. Mr. Pabon’s team assessed the economic validity of the claim from a regulatory perspective and demonstrated that the economic and commercial decisions made by the plant operator [...]

An Investment Expropriation Project  

Mr. Pabon provided an expert report on damages in an international arbitration case about the seizure of Claimant’s investments, the revocation of a tax exemption that had initially been enjoyed by Claimant, and, ultimately, the elimination of Claimant’s opportunity to earn a return on and of his investment. Mr. Pabon’s team assessed damages and economic [...]

The Middle-East Breach of Contract Dispute

A power plant and associated coal mine project in the Middle East was cancelled after a government organization imposed new terms on the project’s purchased power agreement. The Concessionaire filed a breach-of-contract claim before the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes. Mr. Pabon’s team assisted the Concessionaire in both the jurisdictional liability and [...]

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