Carlos Pabon-Agudelo (Managing Director)

Carlos Pabon-Agudelo, Managing Director

Carlos Pabon-Agudelo
Managing Director

Carlos Pabon-Agudelo is a regulatory economist providing policy analysis, advice, and litigation support to energy and other infrastructure-related clients in Latin America and around the world. He has special expertise in utility regulation, market restructuring, structure and implementation of commercial and financing strategies, and the economic assessment of liability and damages in litigation and international disputes. For over 20 years, Mr. Pabon has worked with governments, state-owned utilities, and corporations in Latin America, South Asia, Africa, Europe, and the US.

Mr. Pabon has helped clients succeed in numerous liability and damages cases in a variety of international arbitrations in infrastructure industries and in cases involving economic utility decision-making, breach of confidentiality, contracting, market interaction, and contract disputes for governments and private investors. As an expert in the regulation of utilities, he has worked for private companies, regulatory agencies, and system operators on a range of issues, including advising on tariff policies at the distribution and transmission levels, and assessing strategic alternatives for utilities and Independent Power Producers.

In addition to his decades of international economic consulting experience, Mr. Pabon has served as an advisor to the Colombian Minister of Finance on regulatory issues, represented the Ministry before the Energy Regulatory Commission, and worked in the Colombian coal industry. He is proficient in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

Mr. Pabon holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Economics from Universidad de los Andes, a certificate in Business Administration from Georgetown University and a Master in International Public Policy with emphasis in Energy and Emerging Markets from the Johns Hopkings University School of Advance International Studies – SAIS.

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IEC Affiliate Juan Benavides

Dr. Juan Benavides

Dr. Juan Benavides (Affiliate)*

Dr. Juan Benavides holds a B. Sc. Degree in Electrical Engineering (Universidad de los Andes), a second degree in Advanced Mathematics (Universidad Nacional of Colombia) and a Ph.D. in Mineral Economics from The Pennsylvania State University.

Dr. Benavides has worked in the energy sector and in the infrastructure industry in various capacities during the past 30 years. He has combined both academic and consultant activities in several Latin American countries and has served as board member for electricity and gas companies, developing transformation strategies to incorporate renewable energies in current utilities investment portfolios. Dr. Benavides expertise includes regulatory design, risk assessment and modeling, corporate and project finance, investment under uncertainty, valuation of venture capital and intangible assets, and corporate strategy formulation. He has worked as Senior Infrastructure Specialist at the Inter-American Development Bank I(DB), as the Deputy Dean for Research of the Engineering School at Universidad de los Andes (Colombia), and is currently an Associate Researcher at Fedesarrollo, a think-tank in Colombia.

Dr. Benavides has published papers in a variety of well-known Journals, sector-specific magazines and has written chapters in books published by Stanford University Press, The Johns Hopkins University Press and the IDB, among others.

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IEC Affiliate Edward Kee

Edward Kee

Edward Kee (Affiliate)*

Mr. Kee is an expert on nuclear power economics. He is the CEO of Nuclear Economics Consulting Group (NECG) and an Affiliated Expert at NERA Economic Consulting.

Mr. Kee provides strategic and economic advice to companies and governments on nuclear power and electricity industry issues. He has testified as an expert witness in US and international legal and arbitration cases.

Prior to starting NECG, Mr. Kee held senior consulting positions at several consulting companies. He was a merchant power plant developer and a nuclear power plant engineer (qualified as chief engineering officer on Nimitz-class nuclear aircraft carriers) before becoming a consultant.

Mr. Kee holds an MBA from Harvard University and a BS in Systems Engineering (Distinction) from the US Naval Academy.

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IEC Affiliate Brian Prest

Brian Prest

Brian Prest (Affiliate)*

Brian Prest is an applied economist specializing in energy economics and environmental policy. His current research involves econometric analysis of the upstream oil & gas industry and oil futures. He also has extensive experience in electric power sectors in the United States and abroad. As an economic consultant, he has provided litigation support for cases in Latin America, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States. In particular, his experience involves assessing liability and damages in large-scale international arbitration projects in the energy and infrastructure sectors. He has also worked at the Congressional Budget Office, where he modeled and assessed the effects of proposed legislation on the energy and financial industries.

Mr. Prest has experience in valuation, discounted cash flow analysis, financial modeling, energy markets, environmental policy, and regulation. In addition, his technical skills include econometrics, statistics, machine learning, scientific computing (in R, Python, Stata, and MATLAB), and economic modeling of energy markets.

Mr. Prest holds a Master’s degree in Economics from Duke University and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics with Highest Honors, Cum Laude, from Williams College. He is currently writing his Ph.D. dissertation at Duke University, focusing on applied energy and environmental economics.

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IEC Affiliate Bob Grabham

Bob Grabham

Bob Grabham (Affiliate)*
Bob Grabham has a detailed understanding of the economics of the upstream oil & gas, mid & downstream gas, downstream oil, electricity and coal industries. He has managed high profile, multi-disciplinary energy consulting assignments in a number of countries.
Recent major assignments include:
• Economic/financial modelling assistance and advice to the Government of Mozambique in relation to the development of Rovuma Basin gas fields, associated LNG export facilities and domestic gas market development
• Project Manager to define a Gas Utilisation Master Plan for South Africa to develop a gas market, based initially on LNG imports and primarily to supply power generation
Bob Grabham has been a consulting energy economist since 1990, working with both economics and engineering consultancies on the feasibility, finance and regulation of gas and oil infrastructure. For 5 years he was based in Moscow, Russia where his work included leading the assignment to forecast revenues for all power stations as part of the share unitisation process to create the OGK and TGK generating companies ahead of their privatisation. Prior to consultancy, Bob worked for oil major BP, where he gained detailed experience of the upstream oil & gas, downstream oil, engineering and coal businesses.

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