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fp1-dam Home Slide 1 Copyright: pajche / 123RF Stock Photo
fp1-power-station Home Slide 1 Copyright: pumikanpic / 123RF Stock Photo
fp1-train Home Slide 1 Copyright: artemegorov / 123RF Stock Photo
fp2-tower-1202 Home Slide 2 Copyright: sean824 / 123RF Stock Photo
fp3-airplane-400 Home Slide 3 Copyright: khunaspix / 123RF Stock Photo
fp3-solar Home Slide 3 Copyright: vencavolrab / iStockPhoto
collage2-electric Our People Slide 1 Copyright: Released to the public domain by its author, Arpingstone
collage2-nuclear Our People Slide 1 Copyright: Simisa, Creative Commons 3.0 | Location: South Africa
collage2-oil Our People Slide 1 Copyright: Agência Brasil, Creative Commons 3.0 | Location: Brazil
map Our People Slide 2 Copyright: micelinjo / 123RF Stock Photo
Parque_eólico_La_Muela Expertise Slide 1 Copyright: Willtron , Creative Commons 3.0
Trans-Alaska_Pipeline_System_Luca_Galuzzi_2005 Expertise Slide 2 Copyright: Luca Galuzzi , Creative Commons 3.0
transmission Expertis Slide 3 Copyright: sergbob / 123RF Stock Photo
Yangshan-Port-Balanced Expertise Slide 4 Copyright: Marqueed , Creative Commons 3.0
plane-with-building Projects Copyright: niserin / 123RF Stock Photo
contract Projects Copyright: zimmytws / 123RF Stock Photo
collage-electric Publications Copyright: Latarteen, Creative Commons 3.0
compass Publications Copyright: alex_star / 123RF Stock Photo
train Contact Copyright: Kabelleger/David Gubler, Creative Commons 3.0 | Location: Washington State
plane-photocredits Contact Copyright: photoncatcher / iStockPhoto